Star Idaho Home for Sale

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Gorgeous single level with large upstairs bonus room. Hickory hardwood floors, granite counter tops, tile showers, covered patio, gas fireplace and more!

Purchase as little as 3% down, ask your Agent. Property is offered as is only and the seller will not recognize buyer’s personal home inspection reports and requests for repairs. Only items that come from the appraisal as an underwriting condition may be considered. BTVA

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Star Idaho, Some History
The first location of the village of Star was one mile to the east of present Star, about halfway between the present town of Star and Star-Emmett junction, and is one of the earliest communities in the Boise Valley. The Pioneer ditch (started in 1863 by M.B. Palmer) and its supply of water allowed the country between Star and Middleton to be settled early. Today Star Idaho boasts a quickly blossoming community of wonderful amenities and a population of right around 6,000! A great town just outside the busy Boise streets; perfect to call home!

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New Homeowners: Pack It Up!

Moving can be one of the most stressful times in your life. SO many things to organize and pack, utilities to shut off, mail to be forwarded, where’s the dog?, did we let everyone know our new address and on and on. Anyone who’s gone through a move before knows there is a lot more that goes into it than there used to be when it was just a matter of finding a buddy with a truck who could be suckered into toiling their weekend away.

To help make your next move easier we’ve put together a few good ideas to keep things going smoothly:

Give Yourself TIME
Moving day will be here sooner than you expect! It seems like there is never enough time to get it all done – so be sure to start early! If you start off from a rush you will only end up making things more difficult on yourself along the way. Start early, do little things each day even if the exact move date isn’t yet set in stone.

Look for Ways to Save
This can be anything from packing your boxes yourself rather than paying the movers to do it, or cleaning up your old house rather than hiring a service before you leave. Packing your own stuff can help insure your things will be safe, and doing your own cleaning will help make sure you get any deposits returned and also save you cost. In many cases there is no need to pay for packing supplies if you are doing it yourself – try hitting up your local appliance, grocery, or department stores to find free boxes!

Keep Your Receipts
Save receipts for moving boxes, packing services, anything that goes into your move, because these things may be tax deductible. To determine who’s eligible, the IRS has set up two tests. Pass them and you can cash in; fail and you have to eat all the costs of your move. Keep in mind, the IRS lets you take this deduction only if you are moving because of a job. And it doesn’t matter if it’s a new job, the same job or your first job.

Make a Checklist
For the super-organized: make a checklist inventory of your packed items. This will help you know exactly what you’ve got to move, and where it needs to go. If you’ve got a lot of stuff a itemized list of your things will make it much easier to move; if you are using a moving service this may be essential if items do get lost.

Color Coordinate
Give each room in the new house a color. Mark the boxes that have the items for those particular rooms with a matching color sticker or tag them with a matching color marker. This is a great way to save time when it’s time to move everything in – you can even assign each family member their own color responsibilities so they can help with the unpacking!

No move is ever 100% for sure hassle free, but putting these tips to work can at least help soothe some of the insanity that usually comes along with the relocation process. If you are moving to Idaho and want to find out more about the area we have a great deal of FREE Idaho Relocation Info on our website; we hope you’ll feel free to contact us if we can be of any help in getting you into the home you’ve been dreaming of.

Homes of the Future!

Innovations in design and new technologies are reshaping the way we live every day and in the future our homes will be changing as well. Automation and information will with hope provide new levels of comfort and ease for the homeowner of the future. Some of these idea’s may seem far fetched, but it’s important to remember –  even though we still don’t have our hover-boards yet! – that the science fiction of today often becomes the science fact of tomorrow!

Recently the 2012 Pacific Coast Builders Conference put on display some of the leading new developments in future home tech. Advanced home security systems will include things like windows that can alert you if they are not locked or get broken. Super Solar Shingles that will actually do more than just keep the rain out by harnessing the sun’s power to run your home. Smart Sprinklers that will monitor soil liquidity and only water the grass when it’s needed – not when it’s raining!

Check out these advances and more over at Houselogic.

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Idaho Real Estate Myths Debunked!

It’s myth busting time! Le Bois Realty has it’s hand on the pulse of real estate here in the Treasure Valley. We’ve heard rumors and rumors of rumors and things you might’ve heard from someone who heard it from someone else and it’s high time some of the misconceptions concerning real estate were dispelled! Is it a good time to buy? It is not? What are mortgage rates doing?

MYTH: No one is buying.

TRUTH: While without a doubt the incentives for buyers outweigh those for sellers in the current market long time investors and first time buyers alike are recognizing good deals when they see them – and they are buying! Sales of investment properties, second homes, and vacation properties went up in 2011 and with their combined market share rose to the highest levels since 2005. Investment homes alone surged up over 64% from 2010.

Despite a sluggish economy 8 out of 10 second home buyers said it is a good time to buy and nearly half of investors said they would be likely to purchase another property in the next few years.

NAR chief economist Lawrence Yun said investors with cash took advantage of market conditions in 2011. “During the past year investors have been swooping into the market to take advantage of bargain home prices,” he said. “Rising rental income easily beat cash sitting in banks as an added inducement. In addition, 41 percent of investment buyers purchased more than one property.”

MYTH: Nothing is selling.

TRUTH: The real estate market – especially here in Idaho – is bursting at the seams with the most active areas being the dwindling supply of homes under $200k.

FACT: In 2011, 71 percent of residential sales fell between the $100,000 and $300,000.

The number of sales (closed transactions) and the volume of inventory show us two clear signs of a healthy real estate market; the strict buyers only market may be soon seeing a turn around.

MYTH: The market is stagnant.

TRUTH: Pending home sales have been on an upward trend since reaching a low last April; they are up well above a year ago. Low interest rates combined with continuing low prices have fueled the markets recovering and will continue to move it forward in the future. Inventory is moving and multiple offers are back on the scene at the buyers table.

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