Green Living in Idaho: 3 Easy Tips

recycledGreen energy is a hot topic in Idaho these days, and as we move into the long days of Summer conserving energy in your home will become even more important.

Energy saved is money saved! Not only that but by saving energy from being needed to are helping protect infrastructure, limit the possibilities of brown-outs, and are also helping reduce pollution.

Here are three great tips to go a little greener in your home!

Change Those Filters!
Changing your air filters can make a huge difference in the quality of air in your home, especially as we go into these warmer, more dusty months ahead. In most cases changing the filters in your home is something most homeowners can do easily themselves, and filters are generally also very affordable.

Use Greener Bags
It’s a small thing but it really adds up big for the environment – switch to using cloth or fabric grocery bags when you shop. If you must use plastic, or forget to bring your cloth bags from home be sure and recycle those plastic ones next time you go back. Every year millions of plastic bags are produced and thrown away, cluttering our landfills and landscapes; by just making this simple switch we can make a huge cumulative difference.

Conserve Water
This can be done by taking a shorter shower, upgrading your old water heater, or swapping out your fixtures. Modern aerators for instance can be equipped on most faucets and showerheads to decrease the amount of water being used. Toilets as well can be upgraded from old style ones which can require up to 4 gallons of water per flush to more modern versions – saving potentially over 1,000 gallons of water every year.

These are all just minor suggestions that you can implement to save money and energy. It’s amazing how changing just a few small things can make a big difference! As your REALTOR®, it’s more than just selling you a home – we want you to be happy in your home for years to come. If you need the help of an experienced real estate professional we invite you to visit our website to connect with some of today’s top Idaho agents!


Boise: Not to Toot Our Own Horn, but uh, BEEP BEEP!!

riverpeopleIf you’ve ever driven up the road past Lucky Peak and seen people riding their bikes up that hill like it was nothing you know that Boise is bound to be full of a few over-achievers. What with all the top ten lists our little City of Trees was featured in last year it should also be no shocker that we’re already starting 2013 with a BANG!

Real estate is no different! Real estate markets across the nation where median home prices are affordable continue to rise much faster than the nation as a whole, and the capital city of Idaho is one of those rising stars!

Boise – Ranked #3 In Top Performing U.S. Real Estate Markets
Being one of the next up and coming hubs in the Northwest, Boise is poised to lead the pack for 2013. The media home prices here are up 9.1% for the year with houses selling in an average of 70 days; despite a recent climb in prices homes here are still among the most affordable in the country at a $169,000 median price. Much like other cities in this prestigious list unemployment here is well below national norms – 6.2% – and the crowning jewel of the hem state is also home to major employers like Boise-Cascade, Morrison Knudsen engineering, and Micron Technology.

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Idaho Real Estate Myths Debunked!

It’s myth busting time! Le Bois Realty has it’s hand on the pulse of real estate here in the Treasure Valley. We’ve heard rumors and rumors of rumors and things you might’ve heard from someone who heard it from someone else and it’s high time some of the misconceptions concerning real estate were dispelled! Is it a good time to buy? It is not? What are mortgage rates doing?

MYTH: No one is buying.

TRUTH: While without a doubt the incentives for buyers outweigh those for sellers in the current market long time investors and first time buyers alike are recognizing good deals when they see them – and they are buying! Sales of investment properties, second homes, and vacation properties went up in 2011 and with their combined market share rose to the highest levels since 2005. Investment homes alone surged up over 64% from 2010.

Despite a sluggish economy 8 out of 10 second home buyers said it is a good time to buy and nearly half of investors said they would be likely to purchase another property in the next few years.

NAR chief economist Lawrence Yun said investors with cash took advantage of market conditions in 2011. “During the past year investors have been swooping into the market to take advantage of bargain home prices,” he said. “Rising rental income easily beat cash sitting in banks as an added inducement. In addition, 41 percent of investment buyers purchased more than one property.”

MYTH: Nothing is selling.

TRUTH: The real estate market – especially here in Idaho – is bursting at the seams with the most active areas being the dwindling supply of homes under $200k.

FACT: In 2011, 71 percent of residential sales fell between the $100,000 and $300,000.

The number of sales (closed transactions) and the volume of inventory show us two clear signs of a healthy real estate market; the strict buyers only market may be soon seeing a turn around.

MYTH: The market is stagnant.

TRUTH: Pending home sales have been on an upward trend since reaching a low last April; they are up well above a year ago. Low interest rates combined with continuing low prices have fueled the markets recovering and will continue to move it forward in the future. Inventory is moving and multiple offers are back on the scene at the buyers table.

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