Looking for Your First Home? It doesn’t have to be a bumpy road!

reo-homesYou’ve talked about it, maybe even looked around, and it’s final: it’s time to buy your first home and invest in what will likely be one of your most valued assets in years to come. While this is no doubt a thrilling time, it can also be frought with uncertainty and stress – but it doesn’t it have to be. We’ve put together a few things to keep in mind and plan ahead for to help make the buying process a little more hassle-free!

Buy New ? Buy Used?
This is one of the first questions to ask when initially looking for your new home. With real estate in Idaho, especially new construction, beginning to bounce back it some times can be favorable to have a home built new than to buy an existing one. Building new also allows you to pick out more of the details of what you want and to customize the home to you. Buying an existing home may allow you a better location, or a better price, so take both sides of this tip into consideration when browsing properties.

Finding the Right Home
It’s more than price – although an affordable home is always advisable. It’s about the perfect combination of what you want in the home itself, it’s location, it’s cost, and it’s various features. There are millions of ways to find real estate these days; if you’re casually browsing just about any one will do. We definitely recommend searching for a home online before spending time and gas driving all over town. You can find the best homes in Idaho on our website very easily; our agents are always glad to setup a time to show you homes you’re interested in.

Begun the Bidding Wars Have
As the real estate market recovers the return of multiple offers have come back to the market; one of the most frustrating times in the whole home buying process can be just doing the dance that is price negotiation. It is not even uncommon for buyers to be outbid on multiple homes, that they even may have qualified for a mortgage on, which isn’t to say it happens on every home, but be prepared for a little wild west real estate cross fire when it does.

Opening Closing and In Between
Once everything is in place, the home inspection done, and closing begins you can generally breathe a little sigh of relief. Rely on your REALTORĀ® they are there to answer questions, help your understand the process, and do more than just shuffle the paperwork (although there will be plenty of that to thank them for too!).

We hope these simple things will help you prepare and give you a place to start looking for your new home. If you have any questions we are always glad to help! Feel free to look us up on Facebook as well to see featured homes and stay up on local Boise area information!